Tax Filing Deadlines

Tax Filing Deadlines

January 15: Estimated Taxes due (4th Qtr)

January 31: Employers mail out W-2 and businesses to issue 1099

March 15: Corporations taxes due

*April 15: Individual, Partnership, and LLC (or sole proprietors)

April 15: Estimated Income Taxes due (1st Qtr)

June 15: Estimated Tax (2nd Qtr)

September 15: Estimated Tax (3rd Qtr)

September 15: Extension deadline for Corporation, Trust, and Partnership tax returns

October 15: Extension Individual Tax Return Due

*Unless the tax deadline falls on Emancipation day in the District of Columbia. This is not considered a Federal Holiday, but effects us just the same. Therefore, you have until the day after this holiday to file. For 2012 this is April 17.

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