These days, filing a simple tax return can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating process. Considering the consequences that come with making any mistakes, there is also good reason to feel rather anxious about filing your taxes without the help of a knowledgeable professional. Rely on the experience of LH Bookkeeping to ensure that the panic and disorganization that comes along every tax season is gone for good. Not only will your stress be eliminated, but you will save money. The accuracy and savvy with which your taxes will be filed guarantees that you will keep every penny possible.

Individual Tax Return Preparation Includes:

  • 1040, schedules A, B
  • Itemized deductions
  • Medical expenses
  • IRA contributions
  • Student loan interest and expenses
  • Student credits: Hope, and Lifetime Credits
  • State Tax returns
  • Free Electronic filing

Business Tax Return Preparation * services provided for my bookkeeping clients that keep their books up to date. Includes: 

  • All of the above and schedules C, E

Please note: *I do not file returns for C & S Corporation and Partnerships at this time.

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